Endless Extacy, Forever Night

The skies explode with a thunderous sound that shakes the heavens above

 Two people stand in the midst of it all

 their hearts pounding with love

 Holding hands in the dim lit night

 they gaze at eachother enchanted by the heavenly sight

 Sharing a tender kiss, they wonder how it could possibly be as perfect as this

 eyes shining like candles in the darkness

 sparks of lightning scream between their two hearts

 passionate thunder

 loving light, endless extacy, forever night.

 Holding Eachother tight they walk hand in hand

 oh how could life be so grand

 before they met life was only too bland.

 The thunder rolls across the sky, the lighting flashing so fierce

 if only more people could experience such bliss a love so strong as this.

 The fantasy comes alive no longer in faery tale books

 a love so true it shines through to everyone that looks

passionate thunder, loving light, endless extacy, forever night.

 The time grows yet closer as they become one

 marriage in mind the nervousness floods their souls

 they realize with delight that it is but a temporary fright as they approach the late hours of this special night

 laying together eyes alight they hold eachother especially tight, oh what a beautiful sight.

 Hearts burning, souls churning, minds swirling they let their love flow.

 An endless waterfall of intense passion pours from deep within

 they wonder if they will drown above their heads into this extreme love

 this love has obviously been sent as a gift from the gods above.

 passionate thunder, loving light, endless extacy, forever night.