On The Depths of The Wind

By Sa'din Eaglesoul

On the depths of the wind her voice caresses my ears,
soothing my soul and opening wide my mind with ease,
creating vivid images within my mindís eye,
taking me for an astral ride of complete relaxation.

On the depths of the wind her touch caresses my body,
as I leave the boundaries of gravity and take to the skies,
gliding upon the currents of the wind to an unfathomed destination,
I find myself in a euphoric state of pleasure.

On the depths of the wind her presence overwhelms me,
as she calls me steadily nearer to her side,
the longing in her voice mirrors that of my own,
wishing only to be by her side for eternity,
to never again worry of being alone.

On the depths of the wind her sight befalls me,
as I descend into her warm embrace,
as I am overcome by her passionate love,
as finally two souls longing to be one,
realize their dreams to be in full bloom,
never again to yearn in earnest,
for the distance between them is now diminished,
on the depths of the wind two souls have collided,
the euphoric completion a rival in beauty even to that
of the dawn of life itself.