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     Welcome,  I would  like to note that the email link on the lower right-hand side of this page has the most complete online contact information you can find for me, including email and msgers I use along with which are active and how often I check/use them.  The 'Friends' link is for poetry from friends both new and old.  I've also  been considering creating a compilation of  pages and/or setting aside an area  for each one to have some things about themselves and also my own comments on them including the possibility of how long I've known them and where I met them.  The 'Eaglesoul' link is for personal information about me and my interests.  There is a fairly current digital picture of me there as well.

        In the near future I intend to expand past only having my poetry here and also including other writings, at that time I will open the option for others who know me to do so as well on their area/s of the site.  Participation, suggestions, and frequent to semi-frequent visits to the site are always both important to me and appreciated greatly.  Work and changes to this minor personal empire simply will not end and thus keep your eyes out for changes.  Also you may request if you wish, that I notify you by email when I have applied updates to the site.  Thanks once again and I'm glad you have found your way here, be it for the first time or once again.

        All poetry is listed from left to right in chronological order. The Sun was written at age 12 whereas 'Laughter and Emptiness' is about 3 years old. Most of the work here is random inspiration.  This site is currently being restructured and "cleaned up" so-to-speak, updates will appear as I am able to make them.  Enjoy the library, and not forget to sign the guestbook, thank you.

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The Sun In The Calm of The Wind
In My Life Endless Ecstacy, Forever Night
Blossoming Love Fireballs of Fury
This Much Love The Thought of Her
Dark Road of Life On The Depths of The Wind
Forest of Life
On The Path of Life We Tread
Out There
Laughter and Emptiness

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